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Do you know this national hero? He was a famous naval commander and national hero in history. What is the his full name? You may need to google it or ask a korean friend of yours.

The answer contains 3 words, no dash.

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Name the most famous animation director who works at this place!

Hint: White hair and beard, big glasses, always smile,and he brings joy and laughters to all over the world… If you picturing Colonel Sanders first, you are really not a Japan animation fan:) If you know the name, please fill it in Japanese way, which means last name before first name.

The answer contains 2 words, no comma in between.

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What is about? offers a set of interesting questions based on Google map with street view. All information a player need to answer a question is entirely or partly from Google map with street view.

What is Google street view and google map?
Google Maps with Street View is an online free web service provided by GOOGLE. Google Maps with Street View lets you explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery. You can check out restaurants, visit neighborhoods, or plan your next trip.

Who created these questions?
Most of questions are created by team members. Visitors can submit their own questions and these questions will be pub.

Who is running was launched in 2011. A small but efficient team is running this site, yes it’s us. We used to be university students and participated in several web-based research programes. Now our team memebers located globally, from London to LA, from Singapore to HongKong. This is one of our original ideas. We enjoy running this web site and we look forward for meeting people from all over the world.

Google map and google map with street view (google street view) are online services and trademarks of Google, Inc.

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What’s the name of this cartoon character painted on the building?

Hint: This place locate in Belgium, he is the main character in a very popular cg movie, just released in December 2011, see the name on the wall next to it? Just google it for some clue.

The answer is a single word.

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